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Welcome back to Product Gals! We have Lori Berenberg (Product Manager @ MongoDB, previously AppNexus) joining Allison Mui and Elle Shwer to share another perspective on working with product design.

At MongoDB, our process to drive new feature development starts with a product document for designing new experiences. This document…

Why did we start Product Gals?

In the current blog space (i.e. Medium, Substack, Linkedin), we noticed how there are plenty of blogs written by product managers or by product designers but few to none were written in collaboration by both. This is understandable, given the tension that frequently exists between the two product roles, as…

Co-written by Allison Mui & Elle Shwer.

For anyone who is struggling to build a healthy collaboration with their respective peer or anyone who is about to work with a PD/PM for the first time, we hope these 10 tips will you optimize your PM and PD relationship.

The Difference Between Product Design and Product Management

It’s valuable…

(10 likes is a lot for me, no judgement please)

Where I work, I remember deeply wishing there were more women in lead positions. Within the product organization alone, we currently have 5 women out of 33, none of whom hold a managerial or above role**. Nonetheless, the product managers at the company (gender non-sequitur) are quite inspirational. I love…

I’m just going to throw some bait out into the wild here and see what happens.

I just had the most riveting Lyft ride of 2019. I met this guy David (also David, if you see this please DM me) and we got to chatting after I almost made him…

How I (and many others) do things

Step 1: Conduct research

In this case, a usability test on a prototype designed to improve a getting started experience for new users. The test was three part 1) information gathering on their expectations and needs 2) testing the prototype out using Invision 3) feedback and survey on their emotions.

Step 2: Distill results into findings and observations.

These are generally places…

Elle Shwer

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